Basilicus Winery

Basilicus Winery
Basilicus Winery
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Basilicus Winery is a young yet robust presence in Hungary’s Tokaj Wine Region with a dual focus on winemaking and wine tourism. Wine production is supervised by seasoned local winemaker Andras Kanczler. Wine tourism is driven by the Basilicus Wine Cultural Center through wine tasting tours and cultural preservation efforts. Determined to showcase a well-rounded look at Tokaj’s winemaking traditions, gastronomy, and natural treasures, the Cultural Center organizes wine tours at Basilicus and at regional partner wineries as well.

Size of vineyards: 17 acres

Grapes grown: Furmint, Hárslevelű, Yellow Muscat, Kövérszőlő, Zéta

Soil and terroir: Loess and volcanic minerals

Yearly output: 850 cases