Barta Winery

Barta Winery
Barta Winery
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By rediscovering and replanting the Öreg Király dűlő (Old King Vineyard) site, Barta Winery put a very important piece of the Tokaj terroir back on the map. The serious and refined wines they keep producing are worthy of the deep history behind both their vineyard site and the Rákóczi-Aspremont Mansion, the estate centre located in the very heart of the village of Mád. Recent renovations have created three exclusive suites in the mansion, complementing the superb guesthouse next door.

Size of vineyards: 25 acres

Grapes grown: Furmint, Hárslevelű

Soil and terroir: Rhyolite tuff, red clay and zeolite

Yearly output: 1250 cases