László Majoros
László Majoros
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László Majoros (aka. "The Furminator") was born into a long line of winemakers in Tarcal, a village in Hungary’s Tokaj wine region. Immersed in viticulture and winemaking from an early age, he’s known for his experimental approach to winemaking. In 2006, he was the first the in region to bottle unfiltered Furmint. Then, in 2007, he created fermented Furmint using skin contact (maceration). The success of these unusual wines keeps inspiring him – for example, Majoros’ Deák Vineyard Furmint of 2011 was fermented for four months with skin contact, and is yet unbottled. These explorations have convinced László that the Furmint grape bears enormous potential.

Size of vineyards: 14 acres

Grapes grown: Furmint, Muscat Lunel, Hárslevelű, Kabar, Kövérszőlő, Zéta

Soil and terroir:

Yearly output: 1600 cases