Alain-Michel Rousse
Alain-Michel Rousse
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The Laposa winery was founded by Dr. József Laposa in the 1990s, who believed in the fine wine potential of the Balaton wine region. Around 2000, the wines of Laposa became well-known among Hungarian wine drinkers under the brand name “Bazaltbor,” or “Basalt Wine.” Laposa only grows wine on basalt hills – in Badacsony, Somló, Szentgyörgy and Csobánc – which lends the wines their characteristic mineral aromas and stony terroir.

They harvest 30 hectares of local and international varieties, including Szürkebarát (Pinot Gris), Juhfark, Kéknyelü, Olaszrizling, and Riesling. In recent years, the winery has expanded several times, and most recently their winemaking activity moved to Badacsonytomaj, just at the bottom of the Badacsony hill. Alain-Michel Rousse has been the winemaker at Laposa for several years. French-born and trained, he worked as a winemaker and consultant at the largest Tokaji and Villány firms before settling at Laposa.

Size of vineyards: 74 acres

Grapes grown: Olaszrizling, Riesling, Kéknyelü, Szürkebarát, Juhfark

Soil and terroir: mineral-rich basalt with sandy topsoil