Pinot Noir 2015

Pinot Noir
Péter Benedek is a third generation winemaker crafting small-batch, traditional wines in the highland wine region of Mátra. This light-bodied Pinot Noir is cherry red, with aromas of cherries and cranberries. Red forest berries are complemented by spice and earth on the palate. Waxy, mineral finish.
About the winemaker
Péter Benedek
The Benedek family winery lies in the heart of the Mátra Mountains. It is a small estate in harmony with nature, and the wines reflect the Benedeks' love and care for the grapes. The cellar used today was built by Péter's grandparents. They originally harvested only 1.5 hectares; today, the estate is 17 hectares and growing. Péter is the winemaker, while his brother Balázs helps out in the cellar and his parents help tend the vineyards.